Written by people with either no time or no money, most software gets shipped the moment it works well enough to let someone go home and see their family. What we get is mostly terrible.

Everything Is Broken — The Message — Medium (via thisistheverge)

While I really enjoyed the article, I think it misses a fundamental fact:

The more you learn about an industry, the more fucked up it appears to be. 

I’ve heard this from architects, actors, college professors, journalists, carpenters, photographers, bankers, lions, tigers and bears.  All systems have chaos be they highways, factories, or internets.  

Personally, as I’ve watched, the quality, stability, and tooling of mobile software has gotten _so_ much better.  I imagine that security, too, is going through it’s own rapid evolution right now.

Understanding the limitations of any system is a sign of expertise.  The trick is to try to make small improvements as you go… otherwise insanity begins to set in.