My PhotoHackDay Project: protestr

Images define conflict.  They are the enduring message the linger after a clash between citizens and those who govern them.  Government, sadly, have the power to detain, confiscate, and destroy both those who dissent and those who would document the excesses of authority.

Our project is simple.  We help those involved in civil unrest, dissent, or looting, broadcast the images that define their conflict and try to shield them from anyone who would confiscate their cameras.

For Android, the app, when enabled, runs in the background and waits for new photos to be taken.  When it detects a new photo, it immediately attempt to upload it to a service of your choice.  For our proof of concept, we upload it to a web service which then emails it to any number of email addresses that you choose.

For the iPhone, users launch a photo taking application which, when the shutter snaps, instantly uploads the image and emails it to the email addresses of your choice.

Should someone, as they have before, manage to confiscate your phone because you’ve documented illegal behavior (both law-breaking protesters, and police alike) you will still have access to the media taken with your device afterwards. 

I’d like to thank my team-mates: iPhone:  Michael Schonfeld - Backend Service: Oskar Bruening - @oskarbruening Icon Design: Harrison Weber -

It’s my hope to bring this app into both marketplaces and, eventually, to open source it.  Right now it’s very much in the proof of concept stage but if you’re interested in helping out, feel free to email me: haseman at gmail.

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